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Houston’s Energy Corridor District gets its name from the huge energy and oil companies housed in the area. A name, however, is not just the only thing that these companies have given this particular slice of Houston. With BP America, Shell Oil Company, and ConocoPhillips leading the pack, these giants have almost single-handedly provided a source of income to the residents of the district.

Not only has the presence of these companies been beneficial to the residents they employ, it has also stabilized the value of Energy Corridor property for sale. The district itself has experienced its share of growth – directly and indirectly driven by these companies. Local businesses can attribute quite a hefty percentage of their customers to the people that these companies have drawn into the area.

Property for Sale in Energy Corridor

In a bustling place like the Energy Corridor, property for sale is something to be valued and the best ones are snapped up quickly.  Residents here enjoy the area’s balance of work and play – the Energy Corridor real estate has over 26,000 acres of its area dedicated to urban parks, as well as a West Houston Trails Master Plan that is currently under development by the National Park Service and the Energy Corridor District. This master plan is being developed with a view towards ending up with a trail system that will connect new and existing trails throughout Houston to facilitate better linking of business centers to residential communities, to name only one benefit.

Whether or not your workplace is in the Energy Corridor, property for sale in the area is an excellent choice for you – in addition to numerous employment opportunities, Energy Corridor has three highly-rated school districts servicing it, a definite plus for those who place a high premium on education. All the trails that are being planned out will also prove to be excellent venues for the avid outdoors enthusiast to commune with nature.

If you are looking for an Energy Corridor property for sale or are interested in one of the Energy Corridor Houston homes, Connie Vallone is the professional to call. Connie has over twenty years of experience in real estate, making her an expert on determining which property will best meet your requirements as a buyer. Contact Connie Vallone today!